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Du hast genügend FPS, dein Spiel fühlt sich aber an wie 30 FPS? Möglicherweise hast du in den Valorant Video Einstellungen Vollbild im Fenster aktiviert. Gehe in deine Valorant Einstellungen Video > Modus anzeigen > Vollbil Um das Problem mit FPS-Drops zu überprüfen und möglicherweise zu beheben, sollten Sie die folgenden Schritte ausführen: Starten Sie Valorant und minimieren Sie das Spiel Öffnen Sie Ihren Task-Manager (indem Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die Windows-Taskleiste klicken und auf... Klicken Sie auf. Um das Problem mit FPS-Drops zu überprüfen oder zu beheben, sollten Sie die folgenden Schritte ausführen: Starten Sie Valorant und minimieren Sie das Spiel Öffnen Sie Ihren Task-Manager (indem Sie mit der rechten Maustaste auf die Windows-Taskleiste klicken und auf... Klicken Sie auf Weitere. Hey leute ich habe in valorant das problem das ich immer fps drops habe obwohl ich es auf 60 fps maximiert habe. eigendlich sollte das aber nicht sein im link unten sieht man, dass man mit ner i5 und einer 1050 ti easy 144+ Fps schaffen sollte. Zu information ich spiele auf einem Gaming laptop mit einem Externen Bildschirm. Ich habe eine 1050 ti und eine Intel Core i5-7300HQ kann mir da jemand weiterhelfe

Hallo ich habe wenn ich valorant spiele immer fps probleme wenn ich die Grafik auf mittel stelle. Dann schwankt die zwischen 30-70 fps. Manchmal läuft es flüssig konstant 60 fps Gaming PC - FPS Probleme in Valorant, Fortnite DKK007. Wenn die GPU nicht ausgelastet ist, bis du einfach im CPU-Limit. Das glaube ich nicht das die CPU bei 20%... Einwegkartoffel. Ein Ryzen 2600 hat 12 Threads. Rein theoretisch kannst du also ab 8,33% Auslastung im CPU Limit sein... fipS09. Die. I think Valorant could add a gun game mode that would be super fun. Other shooters have it and its an a great way to play the game without playing a FFA deathmatch or spike rush. For anyone that doesn't know what gun game is, you start with a gun, probably a pistol, and get a kill, and are then upgraded to the next gun. The order can be random(though same order for everyone) or ascending in power. Seems like a no brainer for this game. Thoughts Auch Discord kann deine FPS verschlechtern und Ruckler und Laggs beim zocken von Valorant erzeugen. Das Deaktivieren von der Hardwarebeschleunigung führt zu einer sichtbaren Verbesserung Deiner Framerate, wenn Discord beim zocken geöffnet ist Hello guys,I have really big problem with Valorant and other games because I have from 130 - 180 fps on my setup. I saw a lot of Valorant benchmarks with this graphic card and fps were on constant 200fps, but on my pc I can't get min. 144 fps (I have 144hz monitor). I bought my graphics card today :/There are my parts of the pc:- ASUS STRIX GeForce RTX 2060 ROG EVO OC,- i5 7600k @ 4,2GHz,- 16GB of ram,- 500W power supply

Valorant has been having big issues with their frame rate drops/Stutters and Lag, so in this video I explain all about it and how they will fix it. If your V.. However, Valorant is still yet to be fixed, especially, the problems related to network, lag and sudden FPS drop. This is usually the result of poor netcode or low resources to process the data coming in and out from and to the servers Mein Problem besteht darin, wenn ich in Valorant oder auch in CSGO in den Online Modus gehe, bekomme ich mit meinem aktuellen Setup: nVidia RTX2070 Ryzen 5 2600X 32GB DDR4 immer sehr schlimme FPS Probleme. Es fängt an mit ca. 220FPS beim Start und sobald ich dann einen Gegner sehe oder auch irgendwelche Fähigkeiten genutzt werden, sinken diese auf ca. 80 - 50 runter. Auch beim feuern der Waffe tritt dies auf

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To fix the VALORANT low client fps problem, make sure to have at least tried Fullscreen optimization and disabling Radeon Instant replay. These two are by far the most problematic settings which contribute to VALORANT low client fps. Remember that in some cases your PC could be below or around the minimum system requirements, this is what can cause problems. If you have low client fps with a. What u need to do is u need to find the balance point because u will gain fps by increasing the graphics in-game up to a certain saturation point so that the game is forced to utilize ur GPU properly thus also increasing the fps, increasing the graphics post that point will also lead to fps loss

Valorant Patch 2.09 FPS fällt ab: So beheben Sie Probleme ..

FPS Will Be Unlocked To Infinite, It Will Also Apply The Best Valorant Settings For FPS! FAQ. vfpsunlocker.zip Is Being Detected As A Virus/Malware. What Do I Do? Any Detections Are False Positives. This Is Caused By The File Access Needed Into Modern Warfare. Create A Exception For vfpsunlocker.exe (Or The Folder It Is Located In Wenn man in Valorant einen hohen Ping hat, dann kann die Ursache aber auch woanders liegen und zwar beim Provider Are you have Valorant fps drop problems? By. admin. Posted in. About the games. According to a report by Riot Games, it very much seems that, albeit indirectly, the coronavirus may be behind the fps drop. Gameplay. Users of online games can be thoroughly annoyed if, for whatever reason, ping creeps into the skies and the fps drop ruins the gaming experience. This phenomenon is also becoming.

Senkung der Framerate von Valorant Patch 2

Valorant sollte nach Patch 1.01 eigentlich flüssiger laufen. Doch so mancher Spieler hat nach dem Update Probleme mit den FPS und bei manchen friert das Spiel sogar komplett ein. Das hat die. Valorant - How to fix low FPS, lag, crashes, and other performance issues; Haisam Munir. April 25, 2020. 0. Twitter. Facebook. Google+. Pinterest. Valorant is the new big thing these days with the game's closed beta getting unprecedented hype and viewership on streaming platforms. The tactical shooter by Riot Games has been described by many as a combination of Overwatch and CS Go and while. If this resolves your problem, contact the vendor of your software and ask them for advice, or install a different solution. If they are, you might have to wait for the download to finish before playing. If the game works in one browser but not the other, that means you likely have a browser issue. Use a different hard drive if you can. Fix graphic lags\low fps in Valorant pc Discord extracts. Wie kann man in Valorant die FPS-Anzeige aktivieren und den Ping sehen? So oder so ähnlich wird vielleicht die Frage von dem einen oder anderen Spieler aussehen, der das neue Valorant aus dem Hause Riot Games spielt und Probleme mit Lags oder Rucklern hat. Wie in anderen Spielen und speziell in anderen Shootern kann es auch in Valorant ganz praktisch sein, wenn man die Frames per Second sowie.

To fix the VALORANT low client fps problem, make sure to have at least tried Fullscreen optimization and disabling Radeon Instant replay. These two are by far the most problematic settings which contribute to VALORANT low client fps. Remember that in some cases your PC could be below or around the minimum system requirements, this is what can cause problems. If you have low client fps with a. Hopefully, Riot developers will be able to find the root of this issue and fix it, but until then, we are left on our own to fix these problems. If you are one of those players who are having problems with Valorant's frame rate drops post 2.06 update, here's what you should do in order to fix it. How to fix FPS drops in Valorant (Picture: Riot. Jetzt habe ich gelesen, dass Valorant aber allgemien Probleme macht und viele Leute mit guten PCs es nicht auf hoher FPS Rate spielen können, obwohl es bei anderen Spielen geht. Da ich keine.

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  1. Hey,seit 3 Tagen laggen bei mir Spiele wie Valorant oder CSGO.Ich kriege einen Standbildschirm von circa 2 Sekunden,bei Valorant steht dann da Niedrige Client FPS und Netzwerkfehler.Am Internet liegt es nicht(da mein Bruder nicht laggt) am PC könnte es liegen,aber wie gesagt vor 3 Tagen war alles in Ordnung,jedoch sind meine PC Teile alle gut genug für Spiele wie Valorant und CSGO,es tritt.
  2. Hab ne GTX 1050, höchste Grafikeinstellungen und komme auf über 100 FPS. Einfach nicht 2000 Chrome Tabs und 20 Videospiele im Hintergrund offen haben sondern nur Valorant und z.B. Discor
  3. 0.1% low framerate : 9.3 FPS Seine Auswertung MSI Afterburner, Settings auf High: 16-05-2020, 11:19:21 VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe benchmark completed, 128068 frames rendered in 824.891
  4. Wenn du eine veraltete DirectX-Version verwendest, wird VALORANT Probleme damit haben, mit deiner Hardware (Grafikkarte, Maus, Tastatur, Lautsprecher) zu interagieren. Das kann zu einer Reihe von Fehlern führen, darunter Treiberabstürze, verlorene Tastatur- oder Treibereingaben oder fehlerhafter Sound. Update-Link. Du kannst hier klicken, um DirectX zu aktualisieren. Bitte denke daran, dass.
  5. utes and restart Valorant. Run The Game In Windowed-Fullscreen: Yes, you'll face an FPS loss. But, it's still better than 30 FPS
  6. In a fast-tempo game like Valorant, that is bound to be a huge problem. This article will serve as a guide to fix the Low Client FPS issue. The Causes of the Low Client FPS issue in.
  7. If you're suffering from FPS drops in VALORANT after the 1.01 patch, there may be a solution you can give a shot right now. A reddit user by the name of mackfan has made a thread with instructions on how to fix the problem. It's important to note, however, that if your game is already using all processors on your CPU, this fix won't help

Mit dem Titel Valorant feels like the most inconsistent FPS I've ever played hat ein User (u/Robbeeeen) mein Interesse geweckt. In seinem Post geht es darum, dass er ein guter Spieler ist, viel spielt, viel Erfahrungen in FPS hat und von sich selbst meint dass seine Leistung relativ konsistent ist. Allerdings nicht in Valorant If you start experiencing low client FPS out of nowhere, it may be a good idea to log out of the game to check if there are any VALORANT updates available for download. Your FPS should return to. Limited FPS in Menus: On will help in minimizing Valorant instantly. Max FPS in Menu: Enter your Refresh Rate Value or anything below; it doesn't matter. Max FPS in Background: 30.0, helps to minimize. Limited FPS Always: Off, because it can significantly lower your FPS; Max FPS Always: 60.0, because animations and responsiveness in Main Menu will be good. Once you have applied these changes.

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Hey im getting fps drops in valorant , at first i was told it was a problem with the anti cheat but when uninstalling it and running csgo i still get frame drops, my cpu is too hot when gaming thats why i undervolt it . idk why im getting fps drops now since the temps seem fine when playing . these are my undervolt settings : ( same for cpu cache However, though new drivers are yet to arrive for Valorant, it's still important to keep them updated to the latest versions, as this seems to solve a majority of the FPS problems for the game. #2 And while Valorant patch 1.01 brought a lot of fixes and solutions, unfortunately, it also came with a set of new issues and bugs that are making players' experience worse.. One of the biggest problems players are encountering are sudden frame drops. Players are reporting massive frame drops and sound stuttering, even with the best, high-end PCs and they don't know what's the issue Is Valorant displaying a low client FPS error? Here's what this warning message means and what you can do to fix it in order to run the game at the proper framerate Hallo ich habe eine Frage bzgl. der Valorant Performance, ich habe mit meinem System (s. Signatur) ein Problem mit Valorant, es fühlt sich einfach nicht wie 240 FPS an, eher wie 60 FPS. Die FPS.

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VALORANT FPS SelfDestruction Might be an airflow and thermal throttling problem, then. My case fans make some pretty weird noises sometimes and don't start up properly when I first turn on my PC, I have to give it a whack. 2020-04-09 04:35 #48. maga | Bogdanoff. TOASTER. 2020-04-09 06:52. 1 reply #57. bORIS | HLTV_PATRIOT. Noo :(2020-04-09 15:44 #17. MACKO | shmoko. feels smooth and i have. Posted by Madi1872: 3060 ti FPS problems PNG, GIF, JPG, or BMP. File must be at least 160x160px and less than 600x600px

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High latencies are perhaps one of the most annoying problems any FPS gamer can face while playing multiplayer video games. Not only does it hinder your ability to perform well during intense firefights, but it also suppresses your actual skills in any multiplayer title. Valorant is currently one of the hottest tactical shooters out there, and it's crucial for players to have latencies as low. MEHR LESEN: Valorant Patch 0.49 ist da; FPS Drops. Zu den am meisten diskutierten Fehlern gehören FPS Drops, die durch verschiedene Elemente im Spiel verursacht werden. Ein ganzer Thread auf Reddit ist dem Bug gewidmet und demnach sind Schießen, Einschusslöcher und Agentenfähigkeiten wie Sages Wall die Hauptursache. Riot-Entwickler Koalifier schloss sich dem Thema an und kommentierte es.

Continuous FPS Problems. Original Post — Direct link Before I begin, I'm fully aware that this game is still in beta, and I'm more than thankful for the work that Riot has been doing on the game. With that being said, I still feel FPS drops on the game even after this update. I just played my first game on Bind, and once certain agents use abilities my FPS drops (100-110 from 190+). Is. To fix Valorant Network Problem you will have to start with basic troubleshooting. Like fixing your internet connection, placing your router near to your PC or Laptop if you are playing on Wifi, disconnecting unnecessary devices from the router, etc. Network Problem appears when your system is unable to communicate with the Valorant server

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Valorant is a fast-paced 5v5 FPS shooter. Being fast-paced and an FPS game, it means that you will have to have a connection that is stable enough to run the game smoothly. But what happens if you Skip to content. Menu. Gaming News; Guides; Pro Settings. Valorant; Fortnite; Escape From Tarkov; Gear We Recommend; Valorant: How to Fix High Ping and Latency Spikes. November 5, 2020 November 5. 2. Limit FPS. The Problem: PC overload. How Limiting FPS Solves the Problem: Limiting your FPS will decrease energy consumption, heat production, and noise from your cooling fans; Overall, boosts your computer's performance with Valorant; How to Limit FPS: Go to Settings, Video, and you'll see four options to limit FPS. Limit FPS on Batter Many games like Valorant, Fortnite, COD Warzone, COD Cold War. 1920 x 1080p, everything is on low, every single setting is on low. Many bench marks around with my build are getting roughly around 180 FPS on fortnite with everything on Ultra graphics yet I can't even get above the 140 range. In Valorant I am only gettin around 130ish but many you tubers have ram Valorant in 4K with everything. Perhaps first and foremost among these are the Valorant performance issues that are being reported, including problems with the number of frames per second (FPS) that the all-new shooter runs at Choose a category to find the help you need. VALORANT Basics & FAQs; Purchases & Earned Content; Installation & Technical Help; Known Issues & Fixe

The experience of playing Valorant through a GeForce RTX 3060 Ti is going to get a very strong 200+ FPS. Which is at High settings on 1080p performance. Which is at High settings on 1080p performance Well, FPS drop is not only the problem, along with FPS drop many users are facing screen freezing in Valorant in between of fire-fights. Valorant freezing and FPS drops issue Soon after addressing the issue, many Redditor started to tag developers on these posts making them know that there is something wrong with their new patch note and one of these posts caught the eye of developer and he. Unlike the other FPS games, TenZ mentioned that playing around 70-80 ping in Valorant makes it impossible to hold an angle and showed how your gaming experience could be affected easily in Valorant. Here is what floppy said: Valorant on 70 ping is not fun. TenZ replied: Holding angles on this shit is near impossible Erstes Esport-Event - Diese Probleme hat VALORANT . Mit der First-Strike-Serie ist das erste richtige Esport-Turnier in VALORANT vorbei. Zwar wurde nur regional übers Internet gezockt, dennoch konnte man erahnen, wo der Esport steht - und was noch schief läuft. 07.12.2020 Von Hauke van Göns . Heretics und 100Thieves: Das sind die großen Sieger in Europa und Nordamerika beim First. After following the above steps, you should stop getting the Valorant Network Problem pop-up and be able to play as normal. Tags: PC , Riot Games , shooter , Valorant , Valorant guide Share.

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  1. Riot Games präsentiert VALORANT: ein taktischer Egoshooter, in dem zwei Teams aus fünf einzigartigen Agenten mit verschiedensten Waffen und Spezialfähigkeiten gegeneinander antreten. Erfahre mehr über VALORANT und seine unvergleichliche Besetzung
  2. Viele coole Skins - aber auch viele Probleme Auf Seiten der Maps hat sich nur wenig getan: Selbst ein Jahr später, gibt es nur fünf Maps in Valorant. Zwar sind Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent und.
  3. Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu

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  1. Many are searching for the issue but a concete fix is still not available. Although a reddit post by u/Allianceorthehorde details several issues related to fps and also discusses a fix that works. Read on to find out more and hopefully the fix will work for you too. Low Client FPS problem in Valorant explained
  2. ated for Best Community Support, Best Esports Game, and Best Multiplayer. Here we have found two simple ways to.
  3. Since Valorant has not been out for very long, there is a certain lack of optimization that hinders performance for some reason. Players have reported performance issues ranging from getting low FPS and lagging to freezes, stutters, and even straight-up crashes. The biggest problem with Valorant
  4. Valorant: FPS erhöhen und Performance verbessern - so erhaltet ihr mehr FPS Von Ben Brüninghaus - Guide vom 29.05.2020 11:00 Uh

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Riot Games Valorant Die Closed Beta ist gerade für diejenigen online gegangen, die das Glück haben, Zugang zu haben, was bedeutet, dass es sicher einige frühe Kinderkrankheiten geben wird.Vielleicht sind in erster Linie die Valorant Leistungsprobleme Dies wird gemeldet, einschließlich Problemen mit der Anzahl der Bilder pro Sekunde (FPS), mit denen der brandneue Shooter ausgeführt wird I'm facing so many FPS drops, stutters, and screen tearing in VALORANT from past couple of months I tried updating driver version but it just started lagging more. I'm having Intel UHD G1 graphic card which can give me decent amount of FPS but that's not happening lately and screen tearing is quite often the issue now Hi, for some reason I'm getting 120-160 FPS and I cannot take full advantage of my new 240 Hz monitor. My friends with GPUs like GTX 1060 are getting over 200 FPS easily and it makes me kinda sad..

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Every online game has a major problem with it, it can be either lag, poor FPS or the game performance overall due to your PC specs. In a tactical FPS game like Valorant, these factors can really hinder your chances of pulling off a perfect snipe on the enemy players, or getting yourself sniped by a headshot. Valorant is sure to have one of the most dedicated servers in the regions they are. Problems faced by Online Players. Even after a year of existence, sudden FPS drops continue to trouble the online game developers who are experiencing a tough time fixing it up.Occasional frame rate problems in Valorant continue to occur irrespective of the hardware you use.. The recent arrangements of Patches 2.05 & 2.06 in Valorant have created havoc for some of the online players @Nico44052508 @valorantde Ich habe seit dem letzten Update FPS Probleme nur in Valorant sonst nirgendwo ich frage mich wie ich das lösen kann 2021-03-17 20:12:18 @lea_beta Es hat mich natürlich erwischt. Kann Valorant nicht mehr launchen, seit dem letzten Update. 2021-03-17 18:05:00. Es gibt mehrere Faktoren, die dazu führen können, dass das Problem Valorant stürzt während des Spiels immer wieder ab auftritt. Der Schuldige ist normalerweise ein Softwarefehler, der durch eine veraltete Grafikkarte, eine beschädigte Spieledatei oder Kompatibilitätsprobleme verursacht wird, um nur einige zu nennen. Um dies zu beheben, müssen Sie eine Reihe von Schritten zur. I got the beta access today and tried to play but the game looks really bad since the FPS is capped on 60. I tried to change all the settings (turned everything to lowest and disabled all the FPS caps options) with no success. In other games (Overwatch for example) I have 200+ FPS with no problem

Trusted Mode ka ardhur në CS:GO, por po shkakton problemeValorant Notebook und Desktop Benchmarks - Notebookcheck

How to Fix Valorant Low Client FPS issue? - Get Droid Tip

That sort of worked and Valorant didn't lag as much but I was still receiving fps drops whenver the game renders a new object such as a new gun or ability. Keep in mind that before all of this happened, Valorant was running at a smooth 60 fps and everything was fine. The specs doesn't seem to be the problem because it meets the system requirements for Valorant (yes my specs are bad but they. Dann veröffentlichte Redditor redredbeard ein Video darüber, wie die Deinstallation von Vanguard alle FPS-Probleme mit seinem Spiel löste. Dann bat RiotArkem sie, ein Support-Ticket einzureichen, um weitere Informationen zu diesem Problem zu erhalten. Die einfache Lösung wäre, den Treiber zu deinstallieren. Sie müssen Ihren PC jedoch. Heyy I found the problem. This might sounds crazy. But it worked for me. I was using my laptop In my bed. Looks like the air vent is getting some trouble to cool the laptop. Then I put my laptop in a solid flat surface so the laptop can get some air for the cooling fans. That worked for me. The sudden fps drops are fixed. Hope it might help you Having problems with Fortnite FPS drops & Lag spikes? This Ultimate FPS Boost tutorial will help you to increase your FPS & Decrease Lag after the Season 7 update.... Read More . Valorant FPS Boost Pack Download. Valorant FPS Boost Pack Download. Recent Posts. Show your QUARANTINE HAIRCUT Competition! sk1dz's EXCLUSIVE Streaming Setup featuring FLUFFY THE DUCK; CSGO - Ultimate 2020 FPS Boost.

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VALORANT ist das neue FPS-Spiel von RIOT Games, den Machern der berühmten League of Legends. Dieses Spiel mischt den Stil von Overwatch mit der Mechanik von CS: GO in einem rasanten Action-Spiel, in dem Geschwindigkeit entscheidend ist, um zu gewinnen. Daher ist es wichtiger denn je, eine zu haben PC, der die Größe hat und keine Tiefstwerte von FPS hat. Contents [show] VALORANT. The first stop is Valorant's settings menu, where players should turn on the game's ping, FPS, and frame timer settings. How to fix high ping in Valorant Step 1: Turn on Valorant's ping and FPS displays. Head into the settings menu, click on Video, and then turn on the FPS counter, Network Delay, and the rest of the settings in that menu. However, in Valorant's case the problem arises from Shroud being able to see enemies on the mini-map. An enemy came around a corner and my fps dropped from 60 to 20. To poke out of cover to look for enemies. Dig your enemies a powdery grave in VALORANT's new map, Icebox. My PC has slightly better . It was definitely getting worse for me when seeing multiple enemies. When I am flanking, or.

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Valorant FPS Boost, Drop and Freeze Problem* Solution 2021

Auch Client FPS kann eine entscheidene Rolle man Valorant-Spielern spielen. Wenn man die Leistung seines Rechners und von dem neuen Riot Games Spiel aus Los Angeles im Auge behalten möchte. Benchmark analysis of Valorant for laptop and PC although for a smooth gaming experience it should be at least 60 FPS (or better 100 FPS) - not least because of the first-person perspective. The first thing I did is I uncapped FPS in Valorant to see what effect that has on the total frame time. As soon as I uncapped the frames, my total frame cut down by half from 5.41ms to 2.41ms. That's a 50% drop in input lag which is HUGE. The second thing I did was take aceu's advice and make sure Valorant is running in fullscreen exclusive mode. In order to do that, find and right click. Valorant is Riot Games' first shooter. We compiled everything there is to know about this A-Tier FPS. System requirements, agent guides, esports, we got it all. We even provide useful links to all the topics you are interested in. When Did VALORANT Come Out? Valorant was teased by developers Riot Games in October 2019 as 'Project A'. This.

VALORANT: Riot Games präsentiert den Wettbewerbsmodus

Valorant, the super popular fps by Riot Games, is having issues on PC. The game's latest update has started causing some PCs to freeze and restart Valorant zeigt kein 16:9?: Guten Tag, weil ein paar freunde von mir angefangen haben Valorant zu spielen dachte ich mir, ich hole es mir auch. Jetzt ist das Problem dass das Spiel bei mir nicht in 16:9 angezeigt wird. Egal was einstelle oder auswähle. Es ist verbuggt und verglitcht. Neuinstallieren hat nicht.. Valorant DEVS ADRESS FPS ISSUES, CPU & GPU Problems, LORE EXPLAINED & More - Valorant Reddit Recap Social links FREE VALORANT TIER LIST SITE: https://bit.ly/2Lm1P8 - Publicitate - De când Valorant a evoluat din faza sa beta în iunie 2020, Riot nu a lăsat nici o piatră neîntreruptă atunci când vine vorba de lustruirea proiectului lor FPS cu conținut nou și actualizări regulate de jocuri. De fapt, astăzi este ziua în care Riot a lansat Valorant, în timp ce acesta din urmă se afla încă în. Valorant ist ein kompetitiver Shooter, dementsprechend ist es wichtig, die Einstellungen zu optimieren. In den Grafikeinstellungen kann man beispielsweise FPS und andere Werte einblenden. Hier könnt ihr alles deaktivieren. Was genau eingestellt werden kann, verraten wir euch auch im Video: Video für die besten Valorant Einstellunge

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